Frontier Airlines History

Frontier Airlines is an airline headquarters first established in Denver on June 1, 1950 by Arizona Airways, Challenger Airlines and Monarch Airlines. It was then located at the Stapleton Airport. From 1950-1986, Frontier Airlines was a local service airline in the U.S. It served in different cities in Rocky Mountains, Denver, Salt Lake City, Billings and Phoenix. At present, it is a carrier subsidiary and an operating brand by Republic Airways Holdings and maintains a hub at Denver International Airport. It currently operates flights to 74 destinations throughout the United States and other countries such as Costa Rica and the Dominican Republic.

During the 1990s, there were plans to give the old Frontier a fresh start. Executives from the previous Frontier Airlines and the founders of the company began studying market opportunities to get the airline back on track. By 1994, it served its first scheduled flights out Denver with the Boeing 737 jetliners and used the slogan “The Spirit of the West” for the next nine years. In 1999, the airlines began purchasing Airbus A318 and A319 in line of expanding its fleet. It’s used its first Airbus aircraft in 2001 and by 2003, Frontier became an all-Airbus fleet.

In 2006, the company underwent reorganization, creating the Frontier Airlines Holdings, Inc. in Delaware. On September 2006, Frontier announced plans of creating a new division of the company known as Lynx Aviation. By 2007, it signed an agreement with Republic Airlines and was also designated as a major carrier by the United States Department of Transportation. 2007 marked the return of Frontier’s former Senior Vice President and COO, Sean Menketo serve as Frontier’s new President and CEO. On December 7, 2007, the Lynx Aviation launched its services in the city of Billings, Mont.

However, by 2008, Frontier Airlines filed for Bankruptcy and was auctioned in 2009. Republic Airways Holdings was able to acquire the airlines through the auction. Republic also acquired the regional airline of Frontier, Lynx Aviation. Both airlines are wholly owned subsidiaries by Republic.

Despite the rocky history of Frontier Airlines, it is recognized for its excellent service and maintenance. It was recognized by different organizations and given prestigious awards. In 2005, it was named by the Travel + Leisure as one of the top 10 domestic airlines for the 3rd time. By October of the same year, it was awarded by the Volunteers of America Colorado Branch with the Outstanding Corporation award. In November, it was ranked by the Department of Transportation as the number one “September’s On Time Arrival Performance”.

In 2007, Frontier Airlines was nominated for an Emmy award for Outstanding Achievement in Advanced Media Technology for best use of On Demand Technology. In 2009, the airlines received its 10th consecutive Diamond Award of Excellence – the highest award given by the FAA—for the excellent safety and services offered by Frontier Airlines.

As of 2013, Frontier Airlines has served over 100 cities and currently flies to 74 destinations, and operates 10 international destinations. Frontier Airlines has a diverse fleet of aircrafts consisting of Airbus A320Airbus A319, Airbus A318 and Embraer 190.

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